Report an issue with Blackboard enrollments (Faculty/Student)

What is it?

All students and faculty are assigned to Blackboard courses automatically based on their official enrollments. Students are enrolled in Blackboard 7 days before the start of their first course. Faculty are enrolled in Blackboard when their accounts are created, and are added to courses starting 42 days before the term begins.

If you are officially enrolled or assigned to a course through the Registrar's Office and do not see your course within the above time frames, use this form to request assistance.

Who Is Eligible to Use It?

USJ Faculty and Students

Where Can I Get It?


How Do I Use It?

If you do not see your course in Blackboard and are within 42 (faculty) or 7 (students) days of the course, first check with the Registrar's Office to ensure you are officially enrolled or assigned to the course. If you still do not see your course, Click on Request Service button in the upper right corner to request assistance.

How Much Does It Cost?

There are no associated fees with this service.

Request Service


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