My Blackboard Assignment will not submit, it is still loading


My assignment will not submit, it is stuck loading


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  •     The maximum file size is set by the administrator and can vary. If your file is too large you will typically receive an error message. If you are not receiving an error and the submission just keeps loading, please be patient as it can take several minutes to upload depending on your internet connection speed.
  •     If your file is too large, try zipping the file, compressing any images, splitting the file into multiple submission, or contact the instructor for an alternate method of submission.
  •     If on wireless, try resetting the connection or use hardwired connection for a faster upload speed.
  •     If your are using a Safari browser, please switch to another browser like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Other Solutions to share large sized files with the Instructor or class:

  Microsoft Streams



    Internet connection issues or exceeding the maximum file size


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