Barracuda Email Gateway Defense

The Office of information Technology is pleased to announce our new email security & filter service:

Barracuda Email Gateway Defense

This new service expands & improves our current security to include advanced threat protection and remediation of the top 13 email threat types:

Spam     Malware     Data Exfiltration     URL Phishing     Scamming     Spear Phishing     Domain Impersonation & Fraud

Brand Impersonation     Extortion     Business Email Compromise     Hijacking     Ransomware     Account Takeover  

Click here to learn more about these threats


USJ users will notice a few of these features working in real time:

  • Email messages originating from senders outside of USJ will have the following notification inserted in the message:

           CAUTION: This email originated from outside your organization. Exercise caution when opening attachments or clicking links, especially from unknown senders.


  • Instant quarantine notifications.  When a message is flagged as suspicious (embedded links, attachments, known spam/phishing verbiage) it is instantly quarantined.  Users will receive a message from Barracuda Networks <>  and can log into their Quarantine Queue (by clicking the MANAGE QUARANTINE BUTTON)  using USJ credentials to safely view, delete or decline those messages. 



  • Instant Alerts. Email messages from Barracuda Security Alerts will alert you to a phishing or account take over attempt. If you receive one of these messages, there is NO need to worry!  We got the alert before you did and have remediated the problem, in fact, you will probably notice the specific message(s) the alert references have disappeared from your mailbox. We now have the ability to remove these malicious messages from every USJ mailbox it is delivered to further reducing the threat. 


Please reach out via email to or call x5310 if you have any questions.


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