Forticlient SSL VPN Configuration & Connection with Multi-factor Authentication

IMPORTANT:  Staff/Faculty need their Manager's approval and business reason to have access to use Forticlient VPN.   Once we get the emailed approval, IT adds them to the group membership "USJ - 2FA SSL VPN"

Follow these steps to configure forticlient to connect to USJ's VPN:

1. Launch Forticlient

2. Check the box to accept the Terms of Service and click the "I Accept" button

3. Click "Configure VPN"

4. Configure the fields and check boxes shown below:

5. Click Save.

The configuration is now complete.To use the client, connect to an off campus WiFi network and click the SAML Login button.  You will be guided through the Microsoft login & MFA steps by the application.


                                           This window will minimize when you are connected to USJ VPN.


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