USJ Password Reset

What is it?

This service allows the user to request a Password Reset or Account Unlock for USJ network credentials.

Who is eligible to use it?

Staff, Faculty & Students

How do I use it?

Help yourself by registering to our self-service tool

In order to gain access to the new features, you will need to re-register with the system:

1.       Visit

2.       Log in with your USJ username and password (click on Sign in)

3.      Follow instructions in this article Password Reset Tool & Security and follow the instructions under "First Time Registration".   

4.       Use one or more of the three Authentication methods.

 You must enter a phone number where login codes will be sent when you attempt a login.  For most people, your mobile phone is the best choice as you will need access to it each time you login to a USJ system.


If you are still having issues, select Open Ticket button to the right to open a service ticket.


How much does it cost?

There are no associated fees with this service.


Open Ticket

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