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How it works:

 Getting technical assistance with an event on campus is now even easier! Simply fill out form and submit it two weeks before your event. 

This will allow us to best determine with you what equipment or services the University can provide and what your department may need to purchase or rent from an outside vendor.

Once we receive your event form, we'll reach out to you to meet and go over the specifics of the event.

What's next?


Click on Schedule an Event button to the right

 We'll need to know the following information:

Date - What day(s) will this event take place?

Time - What time will the event be scheduled for?

Location - What is the specific Building and Room number that will be utilized? Check with Registrar Office for availability.

IT Equipment or Personnel Need - What can we help you with? Please specifically list any equipment or Staff assistance that you require. (see #2, below)

Point of Contact -Who is point person for this event? Please choose someone available, knowledgeable, who will be responsible for any University owned equipment.  

 A few things to keep in mind:

 1)    We make every effort to support events within the scope of the IT department’s resources. To ensure the best equipment and staffing availability for your event, please submit your request as close as you can to 14 days before the event.

2)    Our friendly IT personnel are available and happy to set up, test, and breakdown equipment during business hours. To request outside these hours please be sure your request is clearly marked and submitted 30 days in advance. For events that end after IT hours, the equipment must be stored away from weather and theft until it can be reclaimed by IT.

3)    We like our stuff, please take good care of it. The condition, care and security of all equipment borrowed from IT for events is the responsibility of the point of contact until recollected by IT.

4)    Please note that while cameras, tripods and various other recording equipment can be borrowed, OIT Service Desk does not provide videography services. Please contact Marketing for advice on events that you would like recorded.

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