Using Echo360 Universal Capture To Record Lectures


You wish to record a video of a lecture using audio and material from your PC and/or footage from a webcam.


USJ Faculty and Staff, on a USJ owned computer.


Start the Echo360 software on the computer you wish to record on.  You will find a shortcut placed on the Desktop of all classroom machines, and any other computer where the software is installed.  Sign in with your credentials for Echo360 (NOTE: this is your USJ email address, but not the same as your USJ password.  If you cannot remember your Echo360 password, you can use the link provided to reset your password.)

Full instructions and a video demonstration can be found on Echo360's website at

If you would like the ability to link your Echo360 to your classes in blackboard, you can submit a request here: Request an Account or Course in Echo360ServiceDet?ID=43622


Instructions to record lectures with Echo360


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