Adding a Web Link to Blackboard (Faculty)


Follow the steps below to share links to external websites in a Blackboard course.


Blackboard (Faculty)


  1. Enter a course and click on any content area, such as Learning Materials, from the Course Menu.
  2. Hover over Build Content and select Web Link from the drop‐down menu.

Build content menu with Web Link option selected

3. Add a Name for your link and paste the URL (address) into the URL field from your browser's address bar. Optional: Add explanatory text if needed or desired. Click Submit when done.

Important:  Be sure to check your web links regularly to ensure they are working as expected and are up-to-date.  Encourage your students to reach out to you if they find a link that is not working.


Web links can be added to your Blackboard course as a resource for students. Sharing the links through Blackboard ensures that your students all have access to the content, whenever they need it.


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