Adding Test Exceptions (Faculty)


When setting up their exams and quizzes in Blackboard, instructors have the option to allow exceptions to specific groups of students. Instructors can use these exceptions to provide an accommodation for a student with a disability, a language or technology difference, or another issue requiring alternate access to the exam.

The Test Availability Exceptions allow for more detailed control on:

  • Number of attempts
  • Time of test
  • Auto submit on or off
  • Availability of test using start and end dates
  • Force completion on or off


Blackboard (Faculty)


1. Make sure that the Edit Mode button in the upper right corner is set to “On.”

2. Find the test that you want to edit from the weekly folder in the Course Content/Learning Materials area.

3. Hover over the name of the test to reveal the drop-down button, then click and select Edit the Test Options.​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Drop down menu with arrow pointing to "Edit the Test Options"

4. Find the Test Availability Exceptions section within Test Options. Click on the Add User or Group button.

Red box surrounding Add User or Group button under Test Availability Exceptions

5. A new window will open and show a list of all users and groups within the course. Select any users and/or groups that will receive an exception, and click Submit. You may select multiple students to receive same exception.

6. All users and groups that have exceptions will now be listed in the Test Availability Exceptions section. You can edit each of these exceptions here as needed.

Test Availability Exceptions section displaying student names and settings.

The following settings are available for each student:

  • Number of Attempts: If Multiple Attempts is selected, a text box will appear to the right and allow a number of attempted to be entered.
  • Time Limit: In order for a timer to be edited, the Set Timer option in the Test Availability section must first be selected. If you have not set a time limit in the main settings for the test, you will not be able to add exceptions to time or Auto Submit.
  • Availability: Click the availability icon to open the date and time display. Enter the dates and times, then click the Save button.
  • Clicking the Force Completion check box will for the student/group to complete the test in one sitting. If you have not set Force Completion as an option in the main settings for the test, you will not be able to add exceptions for it.
  • To delete an exception, click on the X button (which will turn red when you hover over it), then click OK in the confirmation window.

7. After the edits have been made, click the Submit button on the Test Options page


You can change these settings at any time, even after the test has been attempted by some students. If conflicts in rules occur, the most permissive settings for that user or group of users is granted. For example, students would receive the greatest number of attempts, longest availability time, and so on.


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