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Personal PC Requirements

new2usj ... About this service For the best computing experience while here at the University of Saint Joseph, the Office of Information Technology recommends the following specifications for personal machines

Student Discounts

new2usj ... About this service Using your USJ Email address you may find you are eligible for discounts from computer and software companies. To find out more about what discounts are currently offered for


new2usj ... About this service Your USJ Account provides you with 1 TB cloud storage through Microsoft’s OneDrive. OneDrive offers users a simple way to store, sync and share all kinds of files with other

First TIme Login, Have you setup your Password?

new2usj ... About this service As a new student to the University of Saint Joseph, you will need to initially set up your password. To do so: Navigate a web browser to “” Log in with

Campus High Speed Wi-Fi Network Access

new2usj ... About this service Using a personal device, students can enter their USJ user name and password to connect to Wi-Fi USJ-WiFi throughout the campus for those with a USJ account!  (Instructions

Anti-virus Suggestions

new2usj ... About this service Please be advised that the Office of Information Technology does not install Anti-virus on personal devices. We do strongly recommend that you have one running on your devices

Computer Labs/Virtual Desktop Software

new2usj ... About this service Computer Labs/Virtual Desktop Software Students have access to resources such as computer labs and specialized software to aid with academics. Three labs are located in

Assistance with joining a TV, gaming, or smart device to WiFi

new2usj ... What is it? Smart TVs, gaming consoles, and streaming devices are often unable to join the USJ-WiFi network, as they lack support for 802.1x.  USJ has implemented a new Self Registration system

Connecting to the USJ-WiFi

new2usj ... Problem Need to connect a wireless device to the USJ-WiFi network Environment All wireless devices for users with an active USJ network account (Sutdents, Staff, Faculty, Alumni) Note

Adding a USJ email account on an Android

new2usj ... Problem You want to be able to read, respond, and organize emails in your USJ email account from your Android device. Environment All Android devices Resolution Tap on the Menu

Technology Essentials

new2usj ... New to USJ?  The attached document to the right will provide an overview of technology for USJ Students

USJ Password Reset

new2usj ... What is it? This service allows the user to request a Password Reset or Account Unlock for USJ network credentials. Who is eligible to use it? Staff, Faculty & Students How do I use it

Password Reset Tool & Security

new2usj ... Problem You are unable to log into your USJ account because you need to change your password, have forgotten your password, or your account has be locked because of too many incorrect attempts

Creating Discussion Board Threads (Students)

new2usj ... Problem Do you need to start a Discussion Board thread for one of your classes but aren't sure how? Follow the steps below to create a thread of your own.  Environment Blackboard (Students

Find, View, and Submit Your Blackboard Assignments (Students)

new2usj ... Problem Are you having trouble finding your assignments in your Blackboard course shell? Do you need assistance submitting your work? Follow the steps below to locate your course assignments and