Remote Working Tools for Staff


  • I don’t have a USJ laptop, how do I check my work email?
  • I am told I need VPN to access certain systems – What is VPN and how do I do that?
  • My Departmental I drive is not accessible from home – There is a red X on it even when I’m on VPN, how do I connect? )
    • Once on VPN the connection needs to be refreshed simply click the I drive and it should connect.
  • What is accessible with/without VPN when do I use it?
    • Some applications are available without VPN. Due to increased load on the VPN gateway please only use it if your application is on the list of apps where VPN is needed.  Once you have completed work using any resource that requires VPN please disconnect to decrease load on the VPN gateway.  Only the systems here require VPN access to function - Applications That Require VPN Access
  • Can I forward my work phone to my cell?  How do I do that? 
  • How do I pick up my voicemails from off site?
    • Voicemails deliver to their associated email box and can be picked up that way.  Deleting the email will delete the voicemail from the phone system as well.  Alternatively you can dial in and pick up you voicemail through the phone system.  How do I pick up my voicemails from off-campus?
  • How do I conduct telemeetings with other staff or vendors
  • How do I change my voicemail greeting?
  • Can I bring home equipment from my desk, other than my laptop?
    • You should not take equipment from your desk home, other than your laptop.  Do not take monitors, phones, keyboards, mice, docks, etc. home.  Other options can be found here - USJ Remote Working and Equipment Usage


Basic Resources

e2Campus Alert System

Tips for productive online meetings

Echo360 Install and Use

FortiClient VPN Connection Setup Instructions & How to Connect


Office 365

Office 365 Access (Including Personal Devices)

Moving Files Into OneDrive

Sharing OneDrive Files and Folders


Phones and Voicemail

How do i pick up my voicemails from off-campus?

Forwarding of calls on your USJ Office Phone

Change Your Voice Mail Greeting


Microsoft Teams

Instructions to Start Using Microsoft Teams

Moving Files Into Teams

Understanding Meetings In Teams

Schedule a Teams Meeting From Outlook



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