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Creating Discussion Board Threads (Students)

new2usj ... Problem Do you need to start a Discussion Board thread for one of your classes but aren't sure how? Follow the steps below to create a thread of your own.  Environment Blackboard (Students

Find, View, and Submit Your Blackboard Assignments (Students)

new2usj ... Problem Are you having trouble finding your assignments in your Blackboard course shell? Do you need assistance submitting your work? Follow the steps below to locate your course assignments and

How to Login to Blackboard and Access Your Course (Students)

new2usj ... Problem Are you registered to take a course this semester or in an upcoming semester, and cannot locate your course in Blackboard?  Follow the steps below to locate your Blackboard course shell

Adding a USJ email account on an iPhone

new2usj ... Problem You want to be able to read, respond, and organize emails in your USJ email account from your iPhone. Environment All iPhones Resolution Microsoft Office 365 no longer

Viewing your Grades on Blackboard (Students)

new2usj ... Problem Do you need help locating your grade for all of your courses or for one specific course? Follow the steps below.  Environment Blackboard (Students) Resolution Log into

Pay-to-Print Account

new2usj ... What is Pay to Print?   A prepaid spending account on CASHNET offering students a safe and convenient way to pay for print services. There are no costs or fees to use CASHNET Pay to Print, a

Assistance with Office 365

new2usj ... What is it? is the university's link to Microsoft Office 365, where the web based USJ Outlook email is located among other apps. Who Is Eligible to Use It? Staff, Faculty

Getting WiFi access on Smart TVs and gaming platforms

new2usj ... Problem Unable to join a device such as a Smart TV or gaming console to the USJ-WiFi network. Environment Devices that do not support 802.1x.  Examples of these include: Xbox

How to forget USJ WIFI on MAC/PC

Problem Too many WIFI connections or the WIFI password has changed.  Unable to connect to WIFI Environment Mac/Windows Resolution   Apple Macbooks This will forget the chosen wi

Reset/Synch password on USJ Laptop off campus

Problem You wish to reset your USJ password while off campus, or have changed your USJ password but your laptop still has your previous password cached and will only let you log in with that old

How to connect Android Mobile phones and Chromebooks to USJ-WIFI

Problem Need to connect a wireless device (Android) to the USJ-WiFi network.  These settings also work for Chromebooks. Environment All wireless devices for users with an active USJ network

How to open another USJ Mailbox from Office365

Problem Unable to see other USJ Mailbox from (O365 Outlook) that you may have permission to view/access  Environment USJ Faculty & Staff  Resolution 1. Log in to

Creating a new OnBase Account

Please follow the flowing steps to create a new OnBase Account. RDP onto USJ-Onbase Run OnBase Configuration (There’s a shortcut on the desktop) Login with Administrator account

BookAT Password Reset (and First Time Login) Instructions

Problem You need to set up your account for the Ambassador BookAT system, or reset your password for this system.  Note:  This password should not be the same as your USJ account password

Change Your Voice Mail Greeting

Problem You have a need to change the voice mail greeting on your USJ phone line. Environment Any USJ Staff or Faculty with a USJ phone number. Resolution Access your voice mail box