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Pinned Article Helpful Office365 sites/links

A guide to helpful information on Office365

Advanced Office 365 - I want to know more

A guide for advanced users wanting to know more about Office365

How to change "From" Field in Outlook

How to change "From" Field in Outlook to Send As another Email Address, if you have been given permission to Send/Receive to another email address.

How to share a Teams Recorded Video

How to share a Teams Recording video that you created.

How To Share Folders In Outlook 2013/2016 For Mac

Instructions for sharing folders in Outlook for Mac so that other users may access them.

New to Office 365 - I am a beginner

A guide for first time users learn about Office365

Outlook For Mac: Best Practices

This article is intended to assist users in solving database corruption cases in Outlook 2013/Outlook 2016 for Mac when connected to an Exchange mailbox.

Sometimes Mac users report that Outlook 2013/Outlook 2016 for Mac is not syncing properly (or syncing quite slowly, freezing frequently) with Exchange. The problem usually is not a connectivity issue between the mail client and the mail server, but rather a local Outlook database corruption.

Teams Meetings - Roles and Capabilities

Understanding the Roles and Capabilities for people participating in a Teams Meeting

You have Send As Permission to Mailbox, How to Add Mailbox as delegate in Outlook - MacOS

Need to be able to Send As a mailbox in Outlook on an Apple Computer, iMac or Macbook